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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything About An Interactive School Website

Most schools are breaking the traditional methods of communications such as brochure and circulars. The contemporary crop of schools brought a new trend that caught on like wildfire among the age-old institutes also; the trend of building a school website. The functionality and design of a school internet site have helped a school become popular.

Further, the technology helps educational institutes use the web used as a social platform and not merely a school education portal. At present, with the explosion of Social Media Optimization (SMO), the trend dictates a school to not only build an education portal India, but have an interactive school website too.

The focus is shifted from school to end user

Everyone – faculty members, students and/or parents – wishes to socially experience a content and comment on it. In previous times, the information was passed by a mode of communication that school was convenient using. However, the focal point is shifted from schools to end users; most end users wish to access information using social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, to mention but a few.

A school’s interactive website is a single hub connecting all these social platforms. Also, communicating via these social juggernauts is apt for enhancing the visibility of an educational institution. 

Measuring the reaction of the end users

In previous times, a school was not concerned with the reactions and satisfactory levels of the end user who experiences the final content. Nevertheless, with the advancements in the web technology, a school can use several tools such as Google Analytic s to gauge the reaction of end users. Also, with Google Analytic s, a website administrator can easily examine the rate at which users are visiting the site.

With the changes in times and extreme competitive culture, it is beneficial for school’s to overhaul its image by adopting new trends of marketing and designing interactive internet site.