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Saturday, 8 March 2014

What A School Website Should Have?

Content is the life of any website. Images or flash videos on a website can only allure visitors, but what makes them stay is the content. Special consideration must be given while designing content for the website for schools. Often, in the process of deciding which content should stick onto the website, some content editors and web designers throw out the baby with the bath water.  

Deciding the worthiness of content on a website, especially for a school, is not simple. The writers, editors and web designers must know the audience. Primarily, the audience of education websites comprises students, parents and faculty members alike. The reams of information must be placed on the website with painstaking organization.

In general, the following information should find space on a school’s website.

The school’s information

A school’s website should have a page dedicated to the generic information such as the institution’s telephone number, driving directions and full postal address. Also, mentioning the school’s boundary is useful. The generic information might also include school’s history, awards received, mission statement and other interesting facts.

The policy of school

The school’s policy must be included on the website. The information about school’s policy consists of dress code, graduation requirements, code of conduct, and the like. Publishing such policies helps the reader get an idea about the school’s values.

Event calendar

A webpage must be earmarked for listing the events, which will be happening throughout the year in the school. The calendar of events is the best way to keep parents, students and teachers updated about school happenings.

Links to resources

Providing links to students and teachers about the resources has been a helpful practice done by many schools. However, the internet site’s administrator must keep a check on whether these links are working or not.

A school’s internet site should have the above mentioned content. Other requirements of content can be determined easily if there is no communication gap present between web designers, content writers and school authorities.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Benefits of a Good College Website Design

Today, when everything has been made available at just the click of your mouse, anything that doesn’t keeps at par, owns all the viable possibilities of just running out of the race. And educational organizations, though however rich, if doesn’t own an equally rich website, the face to all their work, are no exception then.  As a segment of potential students choose not to apply to a college because of an awful experience on the college’s website. 

Finally, several educational organizations have started to realize that a good college website design can save a lot than it costs.    Gone are the days when a website use to accomplish one aspect, of measuring the number of visitor hits. Today, a good website can work both the ways. It will not only speak about your manifold aspects, but also help you track who are your visitors? What do they want? Why do they fail to find it? Most importantly, how worthy is your site visit? 

We at Sterco understand the growing demand for the comprehensive communication and management tools for educational organizations.  It is over a decade now that we have been serving various sectors such as educational institutions across India with innovative new media and IT solutions, and help them interact with people in most effective and efficient manner. 

At Sterco, we levitate:

·         Apt categorization of information pertaining to individual departments

·         Web based features that integrate the placement processes

·         Web based features that allow the alumni to stay connected

·         Web based solutions with features that facilitate online admissions

·         Integrated content management system for simplified website maintenance

Monday, 20 August 2012

Alternative Learning through Education Websites

At a time when technology is moving at an inevitable progressive mode, websites have become a significant part of any organization. The benefits of creating a dedicated websites for education are many and it would be considered a blunder in this day and age to not have one. Let us not forget that we live in a very competitive environment wherein technology plays a pivotal role in redefining our lives. The field of education today has been completely revolutionized with the aid of interactive media as this medium offers a plethora of information very easily accessible to students.

Website for schools is a prerogative for both the institution as well as the students, and it is important that such an education web page is efficient in imparting sufficient knowledge. For education websites the priority for any individual developer should be easy navigation, and an attractive design with adequate content. An institution should not limit their website to the basic elements; instead create an interactive interface through features that support pedagogy.

Most of us are aware today of the fact that technology has completely eliminated the space and time constraints due to which we get to see diverse forms of educational portals across the web world. This gives an opportunity to students to attend virtual classrooms no matter where they are geographically located. Websites for education offer online courses wherein a student can enroll for a bachelors or a master’s degree without the hassles of attending the institution. Study material for such courses is available online and students have the option to interact with faculty members for consultation and queries.

A lot of companies offer web related services and are instrumental in conceptualizing college website design, educational websites for kids, etc. Since the job requires out of the box thinking and a lot of creative ideas, it is always recommended that before availing the services of any website development company, institutions must have a basic outline of the elements required in the website design for college. Being proactive during the design and development process of educational portal is advisable as it is helpful in facilitating the entire process and delivering the desired results.

Human encounter with the internet has changed the outlook of education as information is widely available online on a variety of subjects. Pursuing part time courses online is appreciated by many as it saves time and gives individuals an opportunity to continue with their profession while pursuing higher education.

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