Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Why periodical website maintenance is necessary?

Maintenance is necessary for proper functioning of a car, lawn and your health too. Likewise, maintenance of websites is important for their proper working. A website gives your business an online personality, and you would want to beautify it to attract more customers. A well-kept website is admired by every visitor. An up-to-date site is a must-have for:-

•    Regularly attracting clients
•    Having envious search engine rankings
•    Offering prospects and existing customers new information about products and services
•    Offering information to a business’s stake holders

High significance of a website’s maintenance task has led many leading Web development companies to offer website AMC service. Like any other businesses, most education institutions avail educational website AMC services.

What all work does website maintenance include?

An unmaintained site creates poor user experience. No latest news, no updated content, broken links can really devastate a visitor’s experience. In totality, an unmaintained site leaves many visitors unimpressed, and you can end up losing a substantial amount of business. That’s a threat to a business’ existence. Therefore, it’s apt to maintain your website periodically. In general, the maintenance activities of a website include:- 

•    Content addition

Your website can always have a lot of new content for interested visitors. The content can be related to –

o    Company news
o    Employee addition
o    Industry news
o    Update content related to products and/or services
o    Create PDFs that offer informative content related to products/services

•    Broken links must be done away with

You want visitors to be satisfied after visiting your site. And one way of offering a quality visiting experience to every visitor is by getting rid of broken links. Every internal link of your site must be checked. Further, each and every outgoing link must be tested a couple of times every year. Warning! A website falls in search engine rankings if it’s strewn with broken links.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Simple Ways to Improve a School Website

A school website not only offers information to parents and pupils, but also becomes an effective marketing tool. The internet sites of a school showcase its existence in the binary world. A school website briefs about the institute’s policy as well as learning environment to existing and prospective students. All these are some of the jobs that are performed by a school’s site. The post gives some quick tips to make the best educational website designs.

Register on social media platforms

A robust social presence is the key to success in today’s commercial world. It is advisable to register a school’s name over different social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flicker, and the like. Once any social networking account is made, add feeds (from the school’s website) over it. A high-quality Content Management System (CMS) is used to add feeds.

Begin blogging

All top educational web sites’ CMS platforms support a built-in blog feature. The principal should start blogging about the latest policy amendments carried out by the school’s board. The marketing head of the school should blog about the news and events. Any type of school trip must be written about in blogs (it’s preferable to add pictures to a post). Note: a blog need not be insightful; rather it should be interesting and written keeping in mind the target audiences (pupils, teachers and students).

Don’t avoid SEO

SEO is one of the significant tools that help a school internet site to get high rankings on search engine(s). Doing proper SEO for a school website starts by determining top 10 key phrases and keywords that can help bolster the institute’s web presence.

These tips don’t confine to schools only; rather, they are implemented while designing sites for different types of educational institutions. Every other college websites design follows similar tips to make an impactful web presence.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Must-Have Elements on a School Website

Like any sector, the marvels of web development benefit education also. Nowadays, every school has a website; however, there lies a distinction between a plain school site and the best educational website. There are few elements that should be present on an educational internet site to heighten the visitors’ experience. Read on to discover these elements.

Inviting and friendly design

Inviting, user-friendly design must be present at a school’s website. One must remember that the educational site is viewed by students (existing as well as prospective) and their parents. A friendly site design always helps the visitors find the desired information in no time. Additionally, use photos along with bright colors to fill the empty spaces. Design a charming homepage as it is the face of the website.

Up-to-date information

An education internet site must be updated regularly. Focus on updating the newsletters; if done otherwise, then a sense of mismanagement and neglect is reflected. Always note, a website is today’s cutting-edge marketing tool.

A webpage having the photos of key staffers

A smiling photo of each staffer with his/her experience should be present on a section of the website. Do not cram the place by giving lengthy details of every staffer. A group photo of the entire staff is also useful.

A blog section

Having a blog is beneficial for building an image of the school. A blog that describes the everyday working at the school helps the visitors – especially prospective parents – get a feel of what is happening in the campus.

Great photos

Nice pictures of the campus as well as students should be uploaded on the website to make it enchanting. A gallery section should be present in a school website, describing the life at the campus. Great photos on a school site guide it to be among the best educational websites.

If a school site has all of these elements, then it can be ranked among the top 10 educational websites.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Everything About Educational Websites

The modern-day globe swirls as per the evolving principles of the web technology. Undoubtedly, the internet has not only shrunken the world, but stepped up its competitiveness. Websites are imperative for every business – even education – to experience ubiquity. For an educational institution, the best website has to be the one offering quick answers to the questions of prospective students and their parents as well.

Ingredients to make the best college websites design

One element that is common to all the top educational web sites is their web friendliness. Some other tips that make a college’s website impaction are:-

Text and HTML Newsletters

Newsletters have been a prominent tool to keep the educational website’s visitors updated about the latest happenings at a college. Some of the best ways to create newsletters are through text or HTML. The educational institute can add graphics on a newsletter whenever it is created using HTML. Nowadays, apart from newsletters, the feature of crawling news (preferably on the top) on an educational site is all the rage.

Get an online calendar

A college website having online calendar helps visitors know about the important events and dates of an educational institution. The institute along with the hired web development company must ensure that the web calendar is the cleanest and simplest of ways to determine what is happening at the campus.


It is always significant to create a slideshow of the latest photos of campus, students and events held. The slideshow should be on the homepage, and its duration has to be not too tardy.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO has been one the primary tools that has helped in boosting an educational institute’s website and presence.

Apart from these factors that help in making a superior college internet site, most educational institutions are creating educational applications to assist students for strengthening their knowledge base.   

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything About An Interactive School Website

Most schools are breaking the traditional methods of communications such as brochure and circulars. The contemporary crop of schools brought a new trend that caught on like wildfire among the age-old institutes also; the trend of building a school website. The functionality and design of a school internet site have helped a school become popular.

Further, the technology helps educational institutes use the web used as a social platform and not merely a school education portal. At present, with the explosion of Social Media Optimization (SMO), the trend dictates a school to not only build an education portal India, but have an interactive school website too.

The focus is shifted from school to end user

Everyone – faculty members, students and/or parents – wishes to socially experience a content and comment on it. In previous times, the information was passed by a mode of communication that school was convenient using. However, the focal point is shifted from schools to end users; most end users wish to access information using social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, to mention but a few.

A school’s interactive website is a single hub connecting all these social platforms. Also, communicating via these social juggernauts is apt for enhancing the visibility of an educational institution. 

Measuring the reaction of the end users

In previous times, a school was not concerned with the reactions and satisfactory levels of the end user who experiences the final content. Nevertheless, with the advancements in the web technology, a school can use several tools such as Google Analytic s to gauge the reaction of end users. Also, with Google Analytic s, a website administrator can easily examine the rate at which users are visiting the site.

With the changes in times and extreme competitive culture, it is beneficial for school’s to overhaul its image by adopting new trends of marketing and designing interactive internet site.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tips To Build An Excellent Website For Institutes

The internet-savvy society compels every entity – regardless of its industry– to get a web presence. More than a trend, web presence has become a necessity to withstand the atrocities buffeted by the dynamic competitive culture. By and large, every institute has a website to keep the contemporary, never-offline generation posted. The institute along with web development agency strives to create internet sites that are engaging in terms of visuals, content and navigational structure.

  • No communication gulf between institute authorities and website designing agency
The best educational website design is conceived whenever it reflects the principles and spirit for which an institute stands for. For making an excellent web design, the foremost requirement is to bridge any type of communication gap existing between the website development firm and institute’s authorities. An experienced website designing player communicates to the institute’s personnel on a periodical basis to get an insight of their requirements and holistic values.

  • Format should not be hard on the eyes
Always emphasize on the format of a website. An internet site’s format includes use of colors and font styles as well as sizes. The entire format should make the site simple to read. A website’s format that is not user-friendly has a high bounce rate. Further, a consistency in format must be sought; i.e. the entire site – each of its web pages – should have a similar tone.

  • A separate homework board
Several institutional sites have a separate section where teachers can post the homework for students. Further, such a section is imperative for parents to keep a track on their child’s curricula. 

  • Event dairy
This is one of the most significant sections, which should be present on an institutional internet site. The event dairy must give faculty members, students and parents a view of the education institute’s annual events.

Institutional web design India has spread its wings as more and more schools and colleges are coming up with their own internet sites. By harboring its necessity, website design education has become prominent in the broad educational landscape.